The Value of Transparency

Transparency and open communication are the foundation of any good relationship. PCH values its relationship with you, our members. We encourage you to share your concerns with us without fear of losing your coverage or skyrocketing premiums. The earlier you tell us the facts and circumstances surrounding a possible claim, the sooner we are able to help you and address any concerns related to an incident. In our experience, early intervention leads to much better outcomes, and that is good for you and PCH. We want to take the stress and fear out of adverse events. When it comes time for renewal, we evaluate insureds considering all of the facts, including your communication skills, responsiveness and diligence in the face of unfavorable incidents. If a member is non-renewed, it comes down to whether the individual, one member, poses too great a risk for the health of the collective, all members. If the collective will not suffer, then we are happy to keep the family together.