Using the PCH Hotline: Free Expert Advice and Support for Long Term Care Facilities

PCH provides a unique and valuable member benefit to alleviate concerns with our Loss Impact Hotline, providing confidential help and expert advice, free of charge.

As an owner or administrator of an assisted living facility, personal care home, or other care facility, your residents’ well-being is top priority. While caring for residents brings joy, certain incidents and situations can be stressful and challenging, leaving you seeking guidance and advice on the best course of action. However, reaching out to your insurance carrier might cause concern about potential premium increases. PCH provides a unique and valuable member benefit to alleviate concerns with our Loss Impact Hotline, providing confidential help and expert advice, free of charge.

How Does the Hotline Work?

PCH Mutual members can access the Loss Impact Hotline by calling 877-553-4254. By contacting the Hotline, you can consult with an attorney practicing in your state, free of charge to all PCH members. Having your policy number ready before calling will ensure a seamless process.

Benefits of the Hotline

PCH’s Loss Impact Hotline offers numerous benefits to facility owners and administrators:

  • Confidential Help: Rest assured that any information you share during the call, including your identity, is entirely confidential and will not be disclosed to PCH Mutual. This encourages you to be open and honest about the incident or scenario, enabling the attorney to provide tailored advice.
  • FREE Advice: Unlike reaching out to an attorney for legal advice, where fees can quickly add up, the Loss Impact Hotline is free.
  • No Adverse Impacts: The information you provide during the call remains confidential, ensuring that your insurance premiums will not be affected as a result of seeking help through the hotline.
  • Timely Answers: When an incident occurs, members often feel uncertain about the appropriate steps to take. The Loss Impact Hotline gives you rapid access to the advice you need, supporting you to handle situations more effectively and avoid potential claims.

When to Call the Hotline

The Loss Impact Hotline is available to assist with various scenarios, including:

  • Resident Falls & Injuries: If a resident experiences a fall or injury, the hotline can guide you on appropriate responses and potential liability concerns.
  • Reports of Abuse: For incidents involving reports of abuse, the hotline can help you navigate the situation with sensitivity and compliance.
  • Non-Compliant Residents or Family Members: When facility rules are not followed, or issues are affecting other residents, the hotline can help address the situation and offer advice on maintaining a harmonious environment.
  • Using New Resident Agreements: If you are considering implementing new resident agreements, the hotline can provide valuable insights into best practices.
  • Negotiated Risk Agreements: the hotline can offer guidance on using negotiated risk agreements, ensuring proper risk management protocols.
  • Lawsuit Threats: In cases where a family makes a lawsuit threat, the hotline can advise on proper legal responses.
  • Employment Practices Issues: Whether it’s an employee injury, report of harassment or discrimination, or hiring & termination concerns, the hotline can offer guidance on legal and ethical procedures to follow.
  • Serious Deficiencies: If your facility receives citations for serious deficiencies during a state inspection, the hotline can aid in addressing the concerns.

When NOT to Call the Hotline

DO NOT CALL THE HOTLINE for the following situations. Instead, contact PCH directly or your account Manager at PCALIC/Tangram:

  • Policy or Coverage Questions: If you have any questions about your policy or coverage.
  • Receipt of Summons, Complaint or Request for Medical Records: This constitutes a reportable incident and should be reported immediately to PCH or PCALIC/Tangram.
  • Reporting claims or meeting other policy obligations: If you receive a claim or have an obligation to report an incident as outlined in your policy.

As an assisted living facility owner or administrator, you now have access to a valuable resource that can make a significant difference in managing challenging situations effectively. PCH ’s Loss Impact Hotline offers confidential help, expert advice, and peace of mind at no cost to you.

NOTICE: this service is not used for making claims to PCH, fulfilling notice or other policy obligations, or receiving coverage advice. You must follow the regular claim procedures for any incident discussed on the hotline.

The Loss Impact Hotline is an essential tool to empower you with timely, expert guidance to benefit both you and your residents. Remember, you are not alone in the journey of providing quality care and ensuring the well-being of your residents, PCH is here to support you when you need it most.

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