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Frequently Asked Questions

RRG stands for Risk Retention Group. In the 1980’s in response to the liability insurance crisis threatening small business (when insurers were leaving the market and causing an insurance shortage and price hikes) the U.S. Congress created risk retention groups to provide affordable liability insurance coverage to member-owners in the same business (like long term care providers, truckers, doctors, etc.).

Beginning in 2023 you will be able to locate your policy and certificate online.

Yes, the Policy generally covers your caregivers as long as they are working within the scope of their employment with your insured facility/location as a caregiver and none of the Policy’s conditions or exclusions apply.  PCH Mutual recommends that you review the Policy form as there are some important limitations to the coverage, such as for criminal acts, etc.

After you report a claim under your professional or general liability policy to PCH, you will be contacted by a PCH’s in-house claims representative. If the claim is covered by your PCH policy and requires appointment of defense counsel on your behalf, PCH will provide legal counsel. If you report a claim that is covered under PCH’s Employment Practices Liability
Defense Cost Reimbursement (EPL) coverage or Regulatory Defense Costs Reimbursement Coverage, PCH will either recommend counsel or ask you to obtain counsel and reimburse you up to $5,000 for documented legal expenses associated with that coverage.

If you purchased PCH insurance from broker, please contact your broker immediately.

If you purchased PCH insurance from PCALIC/Tangram or are not sure, please get in touch via our form, call PCALIC/Tangram at 800-673-2558, or report an incident / submit a claim via our online portal

PCH Mutual

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