Our initiatives are designed with you and your residents in mind.

Memory Box Project

This free-of-charge initiative gives each of your residents a dedicated Memory Box, where caregivers are encouraged to record memories and stories.

When a resident leaves the facility permanently, present the resident’s Memory Box to their loved ones. The memories and stories shared in the Memory Box are a cherished reminder of the connection and meaning residents find while in your care.

Resident Stories Initiative

This free online service guides your residents in sharing their personal stories. Here’s how it works:  

1. Have your resident fill out our free online questionnaire. 

2. When the questionnaire is complete, you’ll get a personalized PDF– print it out and place it outside the resident’s room and in the resident’s file.

3. Encourage residents and staff to read each other’s stories. It’s an easy way to start conversations and build lasting connection.

Guide Path Certification

PCH Mutual supports Guide Path Certification for members. 

Guide Path Certification helps facilities demonstrate their devotion to excellence in resident care and quality of life. Guide Path is a marketplace differentiator and innovator in healthcare culture-change. 

Member Benefits

Don't worry about rising premiums or changing coverage.

When an adverse event occurs, we want you to reach out to us without fear. That’s why we’ve made it easier than ever to report an incident or submit a claim. 

Meet Our Dedicated Claims Director

Our Director of Claims, Laura Peltonen Gries, brings 17 years of legal experience in the defense of senior care/aging services facilities. 

Dedicated solely to PCH Mutual members, Laura offers professional support tailored to the long-term care industry. After you’ve reported an incident or submitted a claim, be assured you’re in good hands. 

Call Our Loss Impact Hotline

When an adverse event occurs, you may call our hotline in order to consult an attorney free of charge.

This is a free, confidential service to help you address the issues at hand. Your information will not be shared with PCH without your permission.

*Note: Calling the hotline does not constitute making a claim to PCH. The hotline may not be used to fulfill notice or other obligations required by your policy. Attorneys cannot give you coverage advice on the hotline.

PCH Mutual

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